Incandescent Light Bulbs

General Service
These standard light bulbs have been around for over a hundred years and have been a staple for homes and businesses.  Although many incandescent bulbs are being phased out, Quality Lighting Products maintains stock on a large selection of commercial quality incandescent light bulbs.

Vintage Light Bulbs
There is no light source that can create the warmth and ambience of an antique light bulb.  These 19th century reproduction lamps are very popular with homeowners, restaurants, and retail applications.

Decorative Light Bulbs
Still the go-to light bulb for chandeliers, QLP offers a wide selection of wattages, shapes, and base sizes. Iridescent, spun satin, and flicker flame, are just some of the options you will find in in this category.

Globe Light Bulbs
Globe light bulbs are perfect for sconces, pendant, and vanity fixtures.  From 1” in diameter to 5”, these round bulbs are an attractive option for any open fixture.  Quality Lighting Products offers all the popular shapes and base sizes.

Tubular Light Bulbs
Used in picture lights, book shelves, and curio cabinets.  We have a great selection!

Indicator & Sign Light Bulbs
In this category, you will find lamps for many applications.  Exit signs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and marquee signs are just a few examples.

Flood Light Bulbs
Although still in supply, incandescent floods and spots are huge energy suckers.  The LED options available are superior in every way.  You can replace your 65-watt flood with a 9.5 watt LED for under $10, and it will last 12 times longer.  Click here for LED options.  If you want to stay with the incandescent type flood light you have, don’t worry.  We have those too!

Heat Lamps
Used mostly in the restaurant industry as food warmers.  Quality Lighting Products has a large selection of wattages, with standard and shatterproof options.

Admired for their unusual design, and often used in art deco style décor, these lamps can be difficult to find.  We stock the 35W, and 150W versions.