LED Tubes

Direct Install = Compatible with your existing T8 ballast.

Direct Wire = Existing ballast must be bypassed.


LED T8 Bulbs - It’s all happening!

These LED retrofit lamps have been around for awhile.  However, it has been only recently that the technology has evolved enough, and prices have come down enough, to make them an everyday alternative to fluorescent tubes.


Why switch to LED? - What do you get for the money?

  • Energy savings is the first benefit and most obvious answer.
  • Instant Start.  No more flickering
  • Longer lasting life, and brightness.  The brightness of a fluorescent tube fades over time, sometimes up to 30%.  LED’s maintain their brightness.  The overall life of a fluorescent tube is about 15,000 hours.  Most LED tubes are rated at 50,000 hours.

Before you buy!

There are 2 types of LED Tubes:

  • The first is the Direct Install tube, also known as Plug & Play, Direct Replacement…  Installation is easy with this LED, you remove the existing fluorescent and install the new one.  Done.
  • The second is the Direct Wire tube. You must bypass the existing ballast and wire directly to the sockets.  Some manufacturers require that you wire at one end of the tube, using a non-shunted socket.  Some manufacturers design their lamps for wiring at both ends.  If you have any questions or are having trouble making a decision regarding which tube to purchase, call us at 844-323-8757 during our business hours.  We are happy to help.